Prevent osteoporosis during menopause with Nuvo Calcium Jelly

Osteoporosis can be seen in all age groups and gender. It becomes more prevalent in elders.

People in menopause should take better care of themselves to prevent osteoporosis. Also, they should relieve their stress, exercise regularly, stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Most importantly, they should consume high-calcium foods such as dried shrimps, red beans, kale and take calcium supplementation with Nuvo Calcium Jelly

This Calcium Jelly is full of benefits with Calcium L-Threonate which can be absorbed up to 95%, DHA from Fish Oil which help with cognitive function and other 20 essential vitamins.

Adequate calcium intake will restrain bone loss, prevent osteoporosis in menopause. Therefore, please do not forget to take care of your health and your beloved ones.

Nuvo Calcium Jelly, calcium for health suitable for kids, adults, elders, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who need calcium supplementation.


Strengthen bones and teeth 

Prevent osteoporosis

Increase height

Calcium supplementation for pregnancy women and breastfeeding mothers

Repair body cells and improve immune system

Improve nervous system and brain function

Improve digestive system

Make skin look young and smooth wrinkles

Delicious, easy to eat, take calcium supplementation for yourself today. Only 1,790 THB (15 sachet / 1 box) More promotion available. Contact us now! 

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