Postpartum breast engorgement

Breast engorgement after childbirth is a common symptom for women. It varies depending on the individual. In severe cases, it can cause fever and hardening and pain in the breast.

Other than that, the common symptom is a pus collection in the breast. If it is this severe, we will need to perform surgery to remove the pus. Therefore, we should understand how to avoid severe symptoms

We can prevent this symptom by using a specific product to massage on engorged area or for those who have no problem, you can use it to for relaxing feeling around breast area with My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream.

We developed this product especially for women because it is rich in natural ingredients, has no residue, and contains Cabbage Leaf Extract, which has been shown in studies to reduce breast inflammation, as well as other 7 ingredients to help feed the baby, relieve pain, and engorgement.

Our product is gentle to the skin as we are internationally accredited and ensured by GMP Cosmetics Good Manufacturer Practice, Ecocert and Dermscan Asia

Deeply nourish your skin to reduce breast inflammation only at 1,190 THB.

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