Eating nutritious foods, well begun is half done

A nutritious diet is important to people in various ways, including physical and mental health.

Do you know that it also makes it easier for those who plan to have a baby in the future?

People should eat soy milk, black sesame, wheat, sea fish, and berries. This helps to strengthen your body in preparation for having a baby in the future.

If you are concerned about nutritional deficiency, we recommend vitamin for egg nourishment to replenish the nutrients. 

We recommend Repro Vita-F, an egg supplement for women, is a combination of essential ingredients in a single sachet. There’s no need a bunch of tablets to get full nutrients.

  • L-Carnitine, L-Tartrate, improve egg cell and embryo development
  • Increase fertilization and pregnancy
  • Inositol, improve egg quality and reduce unqualified egg
  • Gamma Oryzanol, prevent stress-related diseases
  • Fibersol, inhibit the growth of cancer cells

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