Nourishing the body and preparing for pregnancy are not difficult

Health is important in preparing for pregnancy. Because when the body is fully ready, and with good mental health, it will result in the baby in the womb growing completely well.

For many couples, once they get married, all couples may want to have a complete family. But the question is, “If you want to have a child, how do you prepare?”

Of course, preparing for pregnancy is important. Today, Nuvo Life Care has brought you ways to prepare for pregnancy. Let’s take a look together.

  • Health check: You should see a doctor for a health check to prepare for pregnancy to check for diseases that can be inherited, such as diabetes and thalassemia. In case these abnormalities are found, the symptoms will be treated to a normal level so that you can prepare to have children.
  • Exercise and control your weight appropriately and regularly to ensure good health and preparation for a good pregnancy.
  • Stop risky behavior for your child, such as refraining from drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking drugs. Because these things will reduce the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Stop using certain types of medicines because it may affect preparation for pregnancy. You should consult your doctor to check which medicines are dangerous while preparing for pregnancy and you may turn to taking supplements that help strengthen the body to prepare for pregnancy.

For many people who experience infertility problems and still not have children, let’s take a look at these good helpers that were guaranteed with many reviews. These products are supplement products that are behind the success of many families.

  • Repro Vita – F: An egg nourishment supplement from Nuvo Life Care that helps prepare for pregnancy for women. It helps in the growth of egg cells and embryos.
  • Repro Vita – M Extra: A supplementary product for increasing sperm quality for men from Nuvo Life Care. It helps enhance sexual performance and nourish the body even more.
  • Vita F Jelly: Jelly-form supplement from Nuvo Life Care. It helps nourish the eggs and uterus to prepare for pregnancy and helps nourish men’s sperm.
  • Asta Pro Plus: A health and skin supplement from Nuvo Life Care. It contains astaxanthin and CoQ10 that help slow down aging and reduce wrinkles.
  • Nuvo Calcium Jelly: A calcium supplement from Nuvo Life Care that helps strengthen bones and teeth. You can still take it after being pregnant. It is also a dietary supplement suitable for everyone, such as for children, for strengthening the bones of the elderly, and for pregnant women.

Nuvo Life Care understands every problem and fixes the problems directly. We provide supplements to nourish the body and prepare for pregnancy that is easy to take and also beneficial. We are ready to be your trusted advisor that will lead every family to the success in having children together.

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