Nicotine in cigarettes can harm sperm!

If any men are smoking, let’s quit now if you don’t want erectile dysfunction.

Cigarettes not only harm your health and cause various diseases but also lower male sexual potency! Both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes are harmful.

‘Nicotine’ in cigarettes is a lethal toxin affecting male hormones. It decreases testosterone and causes more aggregation of fatty acids in the blood.

As a result of receiving high nicotine, it causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to the penis and causing less erection or no erection at all. 

Moreover, many toxins in a cigarette also affect sperm quality and count as nicotine can cause a low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology, poor sperm motility, and short sperm lifespan.

Of course, poor sperm quality will affect male potency and cause infertility in the future. So, stopping smoking is the first suggestion for people who are preparing to have kids. 

Therefore, it is best for men to stop smoking to reduce nicotine and take care of themselves, exercise, and take nutritional supplements to improve sperm quality and be ready to have kids.

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