Keratin and Hair

As for the word “keratin,” you are probably all familiar with it because it can often be found in hair care products. Keratin is the main ingredient used in hair care to fix the problem of frizzy and weightless hair.

The body can create its own keratin from regular diet. For anyone who is aware that their body is losing keratin and frequently uses heat and chemicals for hair styling, it is recommended to eat these foods to strengthen keratin, such as protein foods like meat, milk, eggs, yogurt, and also fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C like pineapple, kiwi, kale, and pumpkin seeds, etc.

The benefits of keratin for hair and skin are as follows:

  • Helps protect hair and skin from UV rays
  • It is an essential nutrient that helps in the growth of new hair
  • Helps in hair and skin flexibility
  • Helps control and balance the amount of various nutrients absorption in the body

These benefits are necessary for effective hair nourishment and protection for everyone.

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