Itchiness from stretch marks can be fixed by My Dear Mom Organic Stretch Marks Cream

Stretch marks problem from pregnancy and being overweight are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin. Aside from making women lose their confidence, it comes with itchiness. As the stretched areas lack moisture, the dry skin areas result in a problem like itchiness from stretch marks.

You might think about scratching. Actually, it’s a thing you shouldn’t do!

Although scratching the stretched areas may relieve your itchiness, it’s only temporary. You’ll get hurt, scratches, or even more skin inflammation from scratching too hard.

You can fix the itchiness from stretch marks problem by My Dear Mom Organic Stretch Marks Cream.

Intense cream and Astragalus, Centella Extract, and Codonopsis pilosula extracts will add more collagen and elastin to the skin layer. If the skin gets enough moisture, the stretch marks will slowly fade away and it will relieve the itchiness.

Moreover, taking baths with normal water temperature, not too hot water, and using cleaning products containing moisturizing oil will even smoothen the skin. There’ll be no more annoying itchiness left.


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