Improve skin hydration and elasticity with Collagen Dipeptide

Due to an increasing age or sagging skin from aging, do you know that these conditions may be caused by a lack of collagen?

It is found that current innovation for normal collagen’s absorption capacity is not as good. Therefore, collagen dipeptide, which has better absorption capacity and is more effective, is recommended.

We recommend Asta Pro Plus that contains this ingredient. It is a vitamin which helps in nutrient absorption and is suitable for those looking to take care of their health and whose undergoing fertility treatment.

It contains Collagen Dipeptide, that helps improve skin hydration and elasticity, reduce wrinkles, slow down aging and enhance skin radiance.

Together with other 10 ingredients in total, it provides health and beauty benefits. The price is just only 2,390 THB per box from the original price of 2,990 THB. 

We have many special offers now. Please feel free to contact us for more information or place you order

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