How to reduce hair loss with 5 simple tips

Hair loss is a common issue as same as back pain for people nowadays. Everyone must have faced it in their daily life whether when brushing hair, combing hair, or washing hair. There are always hairs coming out and stuck on our hands and combs.

Although hair loss cannot be cured, it can be relieved. If anyone is experiencing hair loss, we’d like to share 5 simple tips to stop hair loss.

  1. Do not wash your hair with warm water

It will make the scalp and hair dry and weak as well as make hair fall easily due to the open pores. Do not scratch your scalp harshly. ‘Massage’ your scalp instead to enhance your blood circulation.  

  1. Stop using dryers, straighteners, and curl irons

Avoid styling your hair using too much heat. Heat can destroy hair coat and protein nourishing hair, causing dry, damaged, and weak hair. It’ll make hair fall easily. Turn to use a fan or set the dryer to blow-cold-air mode instead. It will prevent hair loss.

  1. Avoid using chemicals

Chemicals used for hair such as hair color and straightener products will destroy hair structure, making hair weak and fall easily. Do not use dry shampoo too often as it can leave residue on the scalp. Hairstyle products such as spray, moose, and gel which mostly have a heavy texture and contain alcohol are also reasons for hair loss.

  1. Stop eating foods causing hair loss

Eat nutritious foods, especially protein enough per day. Avoid eating foods causing hair loss such as high-fat foods and fried foods as they’ll make your scalp greasy. Also, avoid high-MSG foods as Monosodium Glutamate will obstruct the vitamin B6 absorption that helps in hair growth.

  1. Use a suitable shampoo and conditioner

Choose a hair and scalp care product to suit each person’s hair condition. Choose a gentle product that contains organic ingredients, not be too alkaline, and full of essential nutrients for hair strength.

We’d like to recommend you My Dear Mom Biotin Shampoo and Biotin Conditioner, haircare products that contain various natural extracts.

The products are dermatologically tested and guaranteed for the safety of the skin.

Using the shampoo along with the conditioner from My Dear Mom will restore dry and damaged hair and reduce hair loss better. Moreover, it will eliminate dandruff, control oiliness, and nourish hair to be strong, with no frizz, and easy to style naturally.

Do not let the hair loss problem destroy your confidence. Start taking care of your hair and scalp with these 5 simple tips. Let’s enjoy beautiful hair together.

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