How to quit coffee and prepare to have kids!

A cup of coffee you usually drink in the morning contains ‘caffeine’. Though caffeine helps you freshen up and active, it can negatively affect the body and cause infertility. 

Men who regularly drink coffee or caffeinated beverages are at risk of infertility, making ejaculation less. In women, it will reduce pregnancy rate by 25%. And people who drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day are at risk of miscarriage than people who do not drink coffee.

People who want to have kids should immediately stop drinking coffee if they don’t want to be infertile! But suddenly quitting coffee would be too hard, right?

Let’s see how to quit coffee easily and be ready to have children. Here,

1. Reduce coffee intake

Abruptly quitting caffeine can cause your body to resist, feel unrefreshed, and lose focus. So, you should gradually reduce the amount of drinking until the body gets used to it. It will make it easy to quit. 

2. Avoid caffeine in other drinks

Do not forget that there is still caffeine in other drinks like tea, soda, coffee ice cream, and energy drink. You should also avoid these drinks.

3. Find replacement

Try turn to drink herbal tea and warm water. It will fix your habit of drinking hot drinks.

4. Find relaxing activities

You can find activities to relax your body and brain like, doing yoga, massaging, and watching favorite movies. It can relax your dull brain and unfocused mind.

5. Have breakfast

If you want to quit coffee, you need to have breakfast. It will cause the body to reduce its craving for coffee because the body has received enough nutrients.

6. Drink more water

Drinking more water does help. It is good for the body and helps detox the body.


If you want kids but still are addicted to coffee, try these steps. It will help you reduce your coffee intake and prepare your body for having kids in the future.

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Quit coffee and caffeine to nourish yourself and prepare for having kids!

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