5 High-calcium vegetables easy to eat!

As we all know that calcium helps the body’s systems perform well. It also strengthens bones and teeth. Apart from drinking milk, it is also important to eat high-calcium vegetables. 

Vegetables are in all kinds of food. Some vegetables are surprisingly rich in calcium.

We’d like to suggest 5 high-calcium vegetables that are easy to eat and suitable for cooking.

  1. Betel Leaf (100g / Calcium 600 mg)
  2. Vietnamese coriander (100g / Calcium 580 mg)
  3. Indian mulberry (100g / Calcium 470 mg)
  4. Water mimosa (100g / Calcium 390 mg)
  5. Kale (100g / Calcium 245 mg)

Eating vegetables is only an option for taking more calcium as some people can’t drink milk or eat vegetables and some cannot have both.

One more option we’d like to recommend is taking calcium supplements so that the body can have enough calcium for each day.

Reference: www.thaipost.net/main/detail/33773

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