How long for breast pump is appropriate?

Postpartum mothers may still be exhausted from giving birth, and not being able to breast pump for a long time may result in cracked nipples. You can begin with a 3-5-minute breast pump. Please allow 15 minutes per side or 2 sides together once you get used to it.

Caution: Don’t set suction levels too high in the early stage where breast milk is not that much. Taking longer time of breast pump around 20-30 minutes (not longer than this) will help you get more milk. If you get more milk and you can do breast pump properly, it will take just only 10 minutes per time.

However, you might experience nipple pain during breast pump caused by cracked nipples or excessive suction levels including improper size of breast shield. Please monitor your condition to reduce nipple pain or choose the proper size of breast shield to reduce these symptoms.

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