How important is weight control to having a baby?

How important is weight control to having a baby?

You cannot be overweight or underweight. Even weight fluctuation can make it hard for the body to prepare for pregnancy.

The research revealed that people who are overweight have less chance of pregnancy than people with standard weight up to 40% and less in sexual arousal.

Overweight women usually have problems with the reproductive system, amenorrhea, irregular ovulation, and a risk of miscarriage.

Men who are overweight will have a low sperm count and less sperm concentration.

You can see that being overweight can affect fertility. Couples who are having infertility problems not only need to take care of their health and control their weight but also need to eat nutritious food and take vitamin supplements. It can increase the chance of pregnancy.

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Nourish, take care of yourself, and be ready to have a baby.


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