How does Pycnogenol in Repro Vita-M Extra reduce erectile dysfunction?

For symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you can’t be careless and think that if you’re still young and strong, it will not happen to you. Because this condition can happen to men of any age. It can only be found more as age increase, that’s all.

Most of the causes are due to emotional and mental problems, and also the use of medications that may affect sex drive, such as sedatives, alcohol, or fatigue.

The treatment is to reduce stress levels, consult a doctor, and use medications that do not cause this condition. Also, eating essential nutrients is very important, especially an extract called French pine bark (Pycnogenol).

It helps fight free radicals and also helps protect against the destruction and degradation of the skin’s collagen fibers from free radicals in men in order to treat sexual dysfunction. It can be found in Repro Vita-M Extra, a dietary supplement for men. It has Pycnogenol extract that has been upgraded to increase performance even more.

  • Help nourish sperm and the body
  • Fix erectile dysfunction
  • Enhance sexual performance

Along with more than 21 other extracts, because when the body has received these essential nutrients, soon your body will be ready for every situation.

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