Get slim but please be careful about this

People often have some beliefs whether they come from one’s own thought or warning from surrounding people, etc.

Today, we have a belief that people have been misunderstanding and will explain why it happens like that.

Losing weight fast can cause hair loss, is it true?

The answer is “Yes”. Whether you intend to lose a lot of your weight or you lose your weight rapidly because of illness, it can cause a sudden hair loss called “Shock loss”. It refers to a situation when someone has an excessive hair loss. In some cases, there are 200 – 1,000 strands of hair falling out. As a result, it can be more clearly seen in those who already have thin hair than those with normal hair. 

Our suggestion is exercise rather than starving. Don’t lose weight suddenly. And taking some proteins or vitamins can help prevent hair loss.

Another thing that you should not miss is caring and nourishing your hair. This is also important. We recommend My Dear Mom Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner that will help nourish and restore your hair from several hair problems. The products provide deep nourishment, gentleness, and safety without chemicals.

  • Gently adjust hair conditions
  • Strengthen hair
  • Reduce hair fall

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