Fruits – vegetables to avoid during pregnancy!

Although fruits and vegetables are nutritious, there are some fruits and vegetables that can affect pregnant women and babies. Even if you want to eat so much, it’s better to avoid it.

Fruits and vegetables to avoid for the health of the mother and baby are as follows:

  • Climbing vegetables

 These vegetables contain high Purines. It can cause irregular protein digestion and make the body produce more uric acid. It’s also a cause of gout which is dangerous to pregnant women. 

  • Raw Mango

 Though it’s not toxic, it’s hard to digest. It might make the mother abdominal discomfort and constipation.

  • Durian

 It can cause high gas in the stomach, acid reflux, chest pain, and heartburn from constipation that pregnant women usually have.


And avoid other sweet fruits because they can increase the risk of gestational diabetes usually happened in pregnant women.


So, you need to avoid some favorite fruits and vegetables during your pregnancy. You can wait to eat then after childbirth for your and your baby’s own health.


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