Fix your cracked nipples with MY DEAR MOM NOURISHING BALM

Sore nipples and cracked nipples are common symptoms found in new breastfeeding mothers. It is dry and cracked skin around the nipples that make mothers hurt from breastfeeding.

The causes of sore and cracked nipples are:

  1. Wrong pose of breastfeeding can make the baby open the mouth not wide enough. The baby will only suck the nipples, not the areola.
  2. Improperly taking the baby off can cause wounds.
  3. Tongue-tie in the baby can make the baby cannot move the tongue properly.
  4. Clean the nipple area too often.
  5. Improperly putting breast pump on or Pumping milk too fast.

My Dear Mom has created a balm that especially fix the cracked nipples problem. It will nurture sensitive skin to be smooth and healthy as before.

My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm, is a balm for nipples, lips, and dry skin area. It contains 8 natural extracts that can soften the skin. It also has other properties:

  • Add extra moisture to the skin
  • No worry about cracked nipples
  • Food Grade standard, safe for baby

It is a 2-in-1 balm that can be used for both lips and nipples. More importantly, it is an organic product that contains natural extracts and has no impurities or chemicals. There is no need to worry about chemicals that could be harmful to the baby while breastfeeding.

No more worry about sore nipples. Fix your cracked nipples with My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm only 390 THB.  Pre-order now!


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