Fatigue during pregnancy, what to do?

Many women might feel tired easily while getting pregnant, which is normal. When you are pregnant, your heart works harder up to 50% and your red blood cells carry more oxygen throughout the body, so your body gets tired during pregnancy. Also, pregnant women usually don’t get enough sleep because of the changes in their bodies. It is also a reason for their fatigue.

Today, we have 6 ways to help mothers restore the body, be energetic, and reduce fatigue during pregnancy as follows:

  1. Eat 5 food groups, especially high-iron food like pork liver, chicken, pork, lettuce, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds
  2. Get enough sleep. Sleep early. Do not sleep late. You can sleep more during the day for 30 minutes to 2 hours, when you can’t sleep away at night.
  3. Avoid activities that make you feel tired easily like walking or shopping for too long.
  4. If you already have kids, you can find someone to help you ease your burden. So, you can rest fully and don’t get tired. 
  5. A little exercise and stretching will help with recovery as your body will release endorphins, making you active and feel good. 
  6. Find your day off. Go to a near restaurant or park with your friends. It will calm and restore your mind because you can update your life with friends. 

If you get easily tired or have nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or fainting, you should see a doctor to find the cause and treatment in time so that the baby and you can remain your perfectly healthy body. ?

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