Fast-absorbing and colorless sunscreen, leaving no white casts

Have you ever experienced this? Using a sunscreen that is not suitable for your skin type. It left some white casts on your face and didn’t solve any skin problems for you. You changed your sunscreen but were still disappointed.

Today, we’d like to recommend you a highly popular sunscreen called My Dear Mom Organic Sunscreen SPF+++.

It will protect you from the sunlight, screen light, and other pollutions which affect your facial skin. It is not sticky, won’t make your face unnaturally white, and absorb to the skin quickly. We guarantee that you will like it.

 With over 12 natural extracts that can prevent sunlight and screen computer light, combined with nourishment to protect the skin from sunlight and pollution, dullness, and reduce premature wrinkles. No more worry about an unnaturally white face.

The product is dermatologically tested and has already been tested by sample users. It is suitable for all skin types. Even people with sensitive skin and pregnant women can use it.

It is not sticky and leaves no white casts. The bottle is tiny and portable. You don’t have to worry about sunlight harming your face when leaving the house. It’s even environment-friendly. It’s an item you all should have for yourself! Only 790 THB. Order now!!


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