4 Clean foods for women after childbirth

After a long period of pregnancy, many women must have experienced surprising weight gain whether from diet or pregnancy. All women must want to get back in shape and healthy, right?

Aside from getting in shape, don’t forget that diet can help in controlling weight. However, postpartum mothers should also think about nutrition as well. So, “clean food” is an interesting healthy menu choice.

Today, we want to share these clean foods for women after childbirth.

  1. Stir fried chicken with ginger

This menu can enhance blood flow and boost milk flow. The nutrition of ginger will pass through the milk to the child and make the child not have a stomach ache.


  1. Spicy mixed vegetable soup

Most seasonings in spicy mixed vegetable soup are heating seasonings. The hot flavor of peppers makes blood flow well and helps dissolve clogged fat and cause engorged breasts. Banana blossoms in the soup also increase the milk supply.


      3. Steamed pumpkin


Pumpkin is warm fruit. It will warm your stomach and boost collagen production under the skin. It reduces stretch marks and has low energy and fat. Pumpkin has lots of fibers that help with the digestive system. More importantly, it increases the milk supply. But if you eat it too much, you can get an aphthous ulcer.


      4. Sour soup with Moringa

Sour soup with Moringa barely has fat. So, it is very suitable for controlling weight. Also, heat and spiciness from the soup help milk flow well. Besides, moringa even has 7 times more vitamin C than an orange, 4 times more calcium than milk, 4 times more vitamin A than a carrot, 3 times more potassium than a banana, and twice the protein than milk. Moringa is highly nutritious and suitable for mothers and babies. Its nutrition can get passed to the baby easily. Its leaf and flower help in milk release.


You will notice that clean foods suggested for postpartum mothers mostly are foods that heat up the body for better milk flow and increase milk supply to meet the baby’s needs.

However, we recommend all breastfeeding mothers eat various foods and take care of external heath like breasts as it’s also important.

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