Don’t let the testicles too warm It will weaken your sperm

Apart from drinking, smoking and stress which are the main causes of male infertility, overheating of the testicles can also lead to infertility!

Why does overheating of testicles lead to infertility?

The proper temperature for sperm production is 32-34°C which is less than the body temperature of 2-3°C. So, if you let your testicles overheat, it will lead to less production of sperm and weak and unqualified sperm.

The behaviors leading to overheated testicles that men usually ignore are putting a laptop on the lap for too long, taking a warm bath more than 2 times a week, or wearing tight pants, etc.

How to avoid overheating of testicles?

  1. Do not wear tight pants or jeans
  2. Wear loose boxers made of cotton instead of short underwear.
  3. Go to bed without wearing pants to cool off the testicles
  4. Avoid warm baths and sauna
  5. Avoid putting a laptop or a phone on the lap for so long

If you’re planning to have kids, apart from taking care of your health, you should also care for these little behaviors. If left like that, it could be a reason for your infertility in the future.

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