Do you know? What causes hair loss?!

In fact, hair loss is a common issue that happens to everyone. What isn’t normal is that hair loss per day is much more than usual and it continues for several days. This case can be a sign of scalp and hair health.

The reason of hair loss is caused by both internal factors and external factors. It may have to be examined individually and see how hair loss is much more than normal, including the cause and solution. 

Let’s see what are the reasons for hair loss.

  • Genetics– is the most common reason. It can be easily noticed. If your parents or grandparents are bald, there is a chance that you can be bald. It is caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) stops hair growth and makes hair fall easily. 
  • Disease– Some diseases can result in hair loss such as Thyroid disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, and tinea capitis.
  • Stress– Stress can cause hypertension, and vasoconstriction, causing the blood supply to the scalp area to be interrupted, preventing the scalp from getting oxygen. So, your hair will fall a lot when you are stressed or sleep less.
  • Malnutrition –Nutrition is needed for hair growth. Vitamin B mostly found in yeast and high-protein foods can prevent hair loss and bald heads.
  • Age– Getting older will cause skin cell aging and hair follicles to shrink, making hair cannot grow fully as before.
  • Heat and Chemicals use–Although heat can make hair dry quickly, it causes dry hair, split ends, lack of moisture, and hair loss. Hair curling, hair rebounding, and hair dye are also reasons for weak hair.

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