Checking cervical mucus increases pregnancy rate!

Cervical mucus or ‘vaginal discharge’ is a secretion that comes out of the woman’s vagina during reproductive periods.

For people who want to have a baby, apart from calculating the ovulation cycle, checking the cervical mucus secreting from the vagina is another self-check.

The mucus secreted during each period is different and it tells if the body is ready for sexual intercourse. 

What kind of mucus help in pregnancy?

It’s the white elastic that looks like egg white and is spread about 1 inch wide. It’s the type of mucus that helps sperm swim to the vagina easily and make sperm last in the vagina longer.

A woman will secrete this kind of mucus during ovulation, so it’s called ‘cervical mucus’. It provides the highest chance of getting pregnant during the cycle.

If you already checked your vaginal discharge and had sex, but still haven’t gotten pregnant naturally for a long time, you should get treatment and consult with a specialist doctor.


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