Body changes after giving birth

There are many changes happen to a mother’s body after delivery. These changes are the most obvious in woman’s life. Today, we would like to mention to some major transformations which are hair loss and breast engorgement.

  1. Hair loss: The rise of estrogen level leads to a higher hair fall rate. It can happen about 10-15% of the entire scalp area. The ways to relieve hair loss are changing shampoo to the one that is gentle and can reduce irritation. And gently massaging your scalp while washing hair to lower the rate of hair fall.
  2. Breast engorgement: This condition mostly occurs after delivery. Higher prolactin level and body’s milk production can cause breast engorgement or mastitis. To ease breast engorgement, try to breastfeed your baby frequently in order to release your breast milk. And apply a warm compress to relieve pain. Finally, don’t forget to apply a breast cream that must be gentle formular and not harmful to you and your baby.

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