2 Steps to reduce hair loss

We believe that many people probably wash their hair regularly. But lots of people may not know the right steps of washing your hair correctly.


Because today we will make everyone acknowledge the importance of washing hair, a correct way to wash hair to help restore hair health and eliminate the problem of hair breakage and hair loss with 2 simple steps of washing your hair that you should not miss.


  1. Shampoo to foam, then gently apply on the scalp.

The correct way to wash your hair at this stage should be squeezing shampoo on the palm. Then lather or dissolve the shampoo first, then apply the shampoo on the hair and scalp. If you squeeze the shampoo directly onto the scalp, shampoo that is not completely dissolved may leave residue on the scalp when washing the hair. It can cause problems like dandruff or scalp inflammation.


  1. Apply conditioner only from the middle to the ends of the hair.

The correct way to massage your hair is to apply conditioner only from the middle to the ends of the hair. Applying conditioner on the scalp will not help make the hair softer, but instead, make the scalp more oily, which may be the cause of the oily hair.


Just like this, you’re ready to reveal your beautiful hair. Say goodbye to damaged, broken, and falling hair.


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