Winter is here Don’t forget to find a good balm for yourself

Raise your hand if you have dry, cracked, or chapped lips problem during winter  

 As winter is coming and the temperature gradually drops, the skin becomes dry and peeling, especially the lips area. Some people’s lips even bleed when scratching and peeling. It is even painful and unpleasant.

But don’t worry. Today, we’d like to recommend you a good product for winter, which is My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm for lips, nipples, and dry areas. It is a 2-in-1 product that helps nourish and moisten your weak skin. It brings back smoothness and does not cause skin irritation.

The product has Food Grade standards. So, it is a perfect balm for mothers and babies and safe for breastfeeding. The product gets FDA approval and is accredited with international standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Ecocert, and Dermscan Asia.

 No more worry about sore and cracked nipples, using My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm. Only 390 THB


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winter balm

winter balm

winter balm

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