What is the most effective self-pregnancy check?

After nourishment and sex, it is time for pregnancy test. The most popular way is buying pregnancy testing kits.

It is a primary check you can do it by yourself. It is convenient, fast, and cheap. You can find it from any pharmacists. It is 90% precise.


When is the perfect time for the test?

For a precise result, the test should be after waking up in the morning!

The urine in the morning will be the most concentrated. The pregnancy test will check the level of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine which is created after 6 days of fertilization. The kit has 90% accuracy. It can be used starting from one day of missing the period. It will be the most effective in the case where menstruation is absent from 10-14 days or more. 

However, there is a percentage of pregnancy tests that give the opposite result. This can be caused by some reasons, divided into 2 cases:

In case that the result of the test showing 2 lines or “pregnant”, but in fact “Not pregnant”, is likely to cause by these following cases.

o Cystitis, bleeding, or protein in urine

o Deteriorated pregnancy test

o Test performed during taking some medication

o People who have irregular hormones such as overweight or thyroid. 

In case that the result of the test showing one line or “Not pregnant”, but in fact “pregnant”, may cause by diluted urine, 6 days early check after fertilization, checking too fast, or checking when 4-month pregnancy.

Although the pregnancy test kit is 90% accurate, you should get a test from a specialist doctor for 100% accuracy as the kit is considered just a primary check. 


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