What causes the lack of vaginal moisture at 40?

Have women at 40 ever wondered why their vaginas lack moisture during sexual activity? 

Vaginal Dryness is a symptom or condition in which a person’s vagina lacks or has less lubricant. It causes the vaginal mucus to lack moisture and eventually leads to dryness and pain. It’s a common symptom happening to women in menopause, but it also can happen to women at any age.

Normally, women have the hormone estrogen that helps maintain the vaginal mucus by producing the vaginal lining as the body’s natural lubricant to keep the vaginal wall healthy, thick, and elastic.

When women reach menopause, there are many changes happening in their bodies, including an obvious drop in estrogen levels. It causes less production of lubricant, leading to a thinner vaginal wall, lack of moisture, not elastic, and eventually vaginal dryness.

If you want your vagina to have more moisture, we recommend you take some vitamins for egg nourishment and hormone balance. Because when a woman has good egg quality, it will help increase the hormone estrogen.

However, you should eat nutritious foods, drink lots of water per day, or use a lubricant.

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