Stressed skin, an effect of stress

Anxiety and stress have a direct impact on the skin. Stressed Skin is a type of Psychodermatology disorder caused by the state of mind or stress that directly affects the condition of the skin.

To be simple, “stress” can cause the body to excessively release some hormones, making the body lose its balance and negatively affecting the body’s function and the skin.

For example, releasing the Cortisol hormone will lower the immune system, causing rash, irritation, acne, and infection. It also boosts Melanin production, resulting in dullness, blemish, and freckle

It also prevents the release of youthful hormone (Growth Hormone), easily causing dry skin, wrinkle, and sagging skin.

To cope with stress, first, you need to know yourself and find the reasons for your stress. So, you can find the right solutions for your stress and stressed skin. For example, using aromatherapy or music therapy, watching movies, listening to music, eating nutritious food, and drinking enough water.

If you realize you’re having stressed skin, let’s try these methods. 


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