Simple breast pumping tips for newbie moms

Newbie moms, please have a look here. Today, My Dear Mom would like to share some easy-peasy breast pumping tips for newbie moms.

The following are some simple preparation steps:

  • Wash your hands, pump and all equipment to prevent from bacteria and dirt in the breast milk and milk bottle.
  • Be relaxed and relieved before pumping
  • Gently massage your breast
  • In case of a manual pump, place your hand on your breast in a C shape, with your thumb above your nipple and your index finger below your nipple. While pressing your breast, try to change the area until your milk begins to flow.
  • In case of an electric breast pump, place breast funnel in the center of the areola. Then, start pumping. Please do not press too hard to reduce pain.
  • Store it well in the container by closing the lid tightly. Write down the date and store in the refrigerator.

To nourish and treat your breast engorgement or breast pain, newbie moms should use Organic Breast Cream from My Dear Mom to relieve the pain and be ready for the next time of breast pump.

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