Nuvo Calcium Jelly, a well-absorbed calcium No constipation!

Are you bored of taking calcium in form of tablets? It’s hard to eat and your body can’t absorb it well.

Try calcium jelly which is like a snack. You can eat it every day and will never get bored of it!

Nuvo Jelly Calcium is a new way of taking calcium. It is out of the original calcium supplements. 

It has a Kyoho grape flavor and is easy to carry and eat. Strengthen bones and joints with Calcium L-threonate, a corn extract that the body can absorb 6 times better and can make use of up to 95%. 

More importantly, it won’t cause constipation like other calcium because of its effective absorption! People with constipation can take it and also get other 20 beneficial vitamins.

A good calcium jelly in a sachet form, it is portable and suitable for all genders and ages. You can eat it anytime and anywhere. It helps nourish the brain and nervous system and prevent osteoporosis.   

Certified by the USA, safe, up to standard, ensuring that sufficient amounts of calcium are received. Complete in one sachet, order now!

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