No sperm found after primary semen analysis, can I still have children?

A problem that many men would worry about is that

“I did the semen analysis but, no sperm was found! Can I still have children?”

The answer is “Yes, you can.”

At present, medical technology has advanced and improved. The absence of sperm on a semen analysis may be due to many reasons, congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens, blocked vas deferens, death of all sperm ejaculated, or even problems in ejaculation. There are treatments, such as the following:

• PESA (PERCUTANEOUS EPIDIDYMAL SPERM ASPIRATION: A physician will use a small needle to puncture the scrotum, piercing through the epididymis to retrieve sperm from the area. Sperm is searched through the liquid extracted from the area. The physician will select high-quality sperm for further ICSI procedures.

• MESA (MICROSURGICAL EPIDIDYMAL SPERM ASPIRATION): This method is like PESA. The difference is that this method is a surgical operation to precisely locate the epididymis. Then use the needle to suck the sperm out.

• TESA (TESTICULAR SPERM ASPIRATION): This method uses a needle piercing through the skin of the scrotum into the testicles and simply extracts the fluid inside the testicle to search for the sperm.

• TESE (TESTICULAR BIOPSY SPERM EXTRACTION): In case the 3 methods above cannot find the sperm, a physician will perform surgery to obtain a small piece of testicular tissue and separate the sperm in the testicular tissue for further ICSI procedures.


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