Maintain suitable body weight to keep your skin away from stretch marks

Rapid weight gain makes a stretching of the skin causing stretch marks.

Stretch marks are fine lines in the skin caused by stretched skin. The collagen fibers in the skin layer are arranged incorrectly. They occur when the skin is rapidly stretched. Dermal elastic fibers may be unable to provide enough elasticity to serve the skin enlargement. As a result, the skin is cracked. At the early stage, stretch marks are pink, red, and purple respectively. Finally, they become white lines similar to scars. Stretch marks mostly happen in the area of dermis where a lot of fat is accumulated. For example, abdomen, breast, belly button, upper arms, thighs, hips, and calves.

Although stretch masks mostly occur on the body parts that hardly to be seen like calves or upper arms but they are still considered a skin problem that can discourage most of people.

Therefore, the stretch marks should be treated with the skincare product called My Dear Mom Organic Stretch Marks Cream. It is highly effective in restoring skin conditions and reducing stretch marks.

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