It is necessary to apply conditioner after shampoo

Who else not applying conditioner after shampoo? Did you know that it’s not good for your hair? Today, My Dear Mom will show you 5 benefits of conditioner.

  1. Reduce static electricity

A conditioner has a positive charge while your hair has negative charge after washing with shampoo. Applying a conditioner will reduce static electricity and friction from hair. It will reduce the balance of positive and negative charges that cause static electricity or frizzy hair.

  1. Add shine and volume to hair

A conditioner contains moisturizing agents. Its main ingredients are oil, silicone, and cationic surfactant that will restore the moisture of your hair after being washed out with shampoo.

  1. Prevent pollution

Hair will be easily damaged when exposed to pollution. A conditioner can help restore hair breakage and add a hair coat layer to prevent thin and brittle hair. It will make hair grow without breakage and prevent split ends.

  1. Make hair easy to style and brush

Your hair will be shiny and easy to brush by applying a conditioner for 3 to 5 minutes each time after shampoo. It will reduce frizz and make your hairstyle last longer. A conditioner can be used every day. 

  1. Retore damaged hair from chemicals

It will tone and restore your damaged hair from chemical processes whether it’s coloring, curling, stretching, or drying with heat, styling using chemicals that result in dry, cracked, broken, lifeless hair.

There are many types of conditioners nowadays. Today, we want to recommend you My Dear Mom Biotin Conditioner, an organic conditioner that helps soften hair, leaving no residue, strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, and smoothens hair. Your hair will be healthy.  

For smooth, healthy, and not frizzy hair, we’d like to introduce how to apply conditioner correctly. 

  1. After shampoo, apply conditioner over your head. Massage your hair, especially at the tips.
    2. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse it off with water.
    3. For a better result, use it with My Dear Mom Biotin Shampoo.

Now. You’ll have smooth, not frizzy, and healthy hair.

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