Is there any chance of getting higher sperm count in case of having sex in the morning?

Low sperm count is an important cause of male infertility which has a great effect on pregnancy. This condition may be caused by an underlying disease or illness at the time that could affect the quality of sperm. In case of sperm absence, there will be nothing to fertilize the egg and cause pregnancy.

When there is no sperm at all or sperm is not strong, but you want to have children, you have to know what causes this condition? and how can you fix it?

As for the male reproductive system, it is just as complex as that of the female. And there are many variables that can affect sperm production. Let’s start by looking at the sperm count and then look at the sperm analysis by considering other parameters, such as sperm motility and sperm morphology.

And it is already well known that in the morning, there will be the highest number of sperm. Therefore, you should set aside some time for having sex in the morning in order to have the opportunity to use the sperm count from that period to increase the chances of having children as much as possible.

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