Is it true that pulling hair and plucking grey hair speed up hair loss and baldness?

💬 People always believe what they think or what others told them to. 

Today we’ll tell you a belief that people mostly misunderstand and the reason behind it.

👉 Is it true that pulling hair and plucking white hair speed up hair loss and baldness

💬 The answer is Yes  A hair has a lifespan of 15 to 20 lives. It means that if you pull a hair out, it can regrow 15 to 20 times. So, if you pull it more than that, the hair won’t grow anymore. This also includes grey hair.

So, hair nourishment is very important. You need to prevent itchiness that makes you want to pull your hair which is the reason for hair loss and baldness.

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pulling hair

pulling hair

pulling hair

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