How to take care the lips and keep them soft and moisturized

The lips are considered a part of the body that we must take care of and nourish them to always look moisturized. Today, My Dear Mom will tell everyone some easy tips to care for your lips.

  1. Drink clean water

Drinking enough water to meet the amount the body needs will help balance the body, making the lips moisturized and not dry.

  1. Lip scrub

Lip scrub can be done by using honey, sugar and vaseline, half a teaspoon each. Mix them together and apply around the lips. Leave for 10 minutes, then use a cotton pad moistened with water to wipe off. It will scrub off dead skin cells and make your lips more pinky.

  1. Avoid licking your lips

Licking your lips is the main cause that makes your lips dark and dry. Therefore, it is best to avoid it.

  1. Take care your lips with products that help with nourishment and restoring moisture like My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm

You see, taking care of your lips isn’t difficult. And it is something that should absolutely not be overlooked. So, try to pay attention to them a little bit more for your better oral health.

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