How can a pregnant woman with lactose intolerance get more calcium?

It is true that a body needs enough calcium. People should drink milk and consume dairy products. But how about people with lactose intolerance or people who can’t drink milk? What they should eat or drink? 

The group of people who need calcium the most would be pregnant women. Pregnant women need enough calcium to compensate for what they’ve lost and to help with the development of babies!

How can a pregnant woman with lactose intolerance get more calcium? 

If a pregnant woman can’t drink milk, they can get more calcium from other high-calcium foods such as small fish, dried shrimp, soft tofu, and some vegetables like agasta, kale, broccoli, black sesame, etc.

Moreover, they can find other nutrients to compensate for. A pregnant woman who can’t drink milk can take calcium supplements. The calcium amount that mothers need is 1,200-1,500 mg. per day.

That’s it, mothers who don’t like to drink milk or are allergic to milk can get enough calcium from a variety of nutrients and useful calcium supplements.


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