Getting hair extensions too often might cause baldness

Many girls might think that having long beautiful hair will make them have better personalities. That’s why many girls have long hair. And girls who have short hair like to find something to make their hair longer. A popular method is hair extension. It’ll extend your hair immediately. But did you know that hair extensions are not really a hair-friendly method? It can actually cause “baldness”. 

Hair extensions make your hair bear a lot of weight. It’s like your hair is being pulled down all the time. It weakens hair roots and eventually causes hair loss. In some cases, it can even cause wounds on the scalp and patchy hair loss. Instead of having long beautiful hair, you might be worried about hair loss and baldness. 

If you want to have long hair, the best way is to wait for it to be long naturally. Avoid unnecessary hair extensions, or try other options such as wearing a wig or hairpiece. It will reduce the risk of hair loss.

Another good option for hair nourishment is My Dear Mom Biotin Shampoo. This option is friendly to everyone as it has been tested for allergy testing.

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