Fruits and supplements for diabetic pregnant women

Diabetic patients require diet control, particularly foods high in sugar and fat, in order to maintain blood sugar levels.

Even though fruits contain natural sugar, we should eat in an appropriate amount. Today, we will show you the fruits diabetic pregnant women can eat.

  • Ripe papaya is high in vitamin A, vitamin B, and beta carotene, which helps prevent scurvy, treat colon cancer, and is beneficial to pregnant women’s digestive systems.
  • Apple is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and fiber. It helps treat allergic condition, prevent asthma and free radicals.
  • Dragon Fruit is high in folate, vitamin C and calcium which prevent cerebral palsy, anemia and strengthen bones and teeth of pregnant women.
  • Guava contains vitamin A and C which help boost immune system for colds, promote healthy teeth and gums.
  • Watermelon contains potassium and vitamin C which help in blood pressure regulation.
  • Prune contains iron and vitamin B2 which help in erythropoiesis and strengthen bones and teeth.

We produce Nuvo Calcium Jelly by emphasizing on one’s health. Therefore, we select sucralose and xylitol as sugar substitutes since sugar may be a cause of obesity and other related diseases

As a result, pregnant women with diabetes who require calcium can be sure about the safety. ?

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