Freshen up the body with 5 foods for those who sleep less

Although getting enough sleep or sleeping for at least 8 hours is the foundation of having good health, in reality, with environmental factors and daily lifestyle, it is not easy to allocate a perfect work-life balance.

If the body doesn’t get enough rest, it will lead to fatigue, getting tired easily, and poor working performance. So, this article would like to share 5 excellent foods to freshen up the body for those who sleep less.

  1. Tofu, fish, chicken, egg white, egg yolk and soybeans

These foods have Choline that makes the brain active from not getting enough sleep at night. This chemical will replace chemicals in the brain. It is a natural substance the body cannot produce on its own because of sleep deprivation. It will freshen up the body. 

2. Germinated brown rice and grains

GABA in germinated brown rice and grains is a nutrient for effective brain nourishment. GABA and vitamin B in germinated brown rice and grains will boost the nervous system and brain to stay awake and refresh the body.

3. Water

Drinking enough water to meet the body’s need not only improves the health inside out and boosts excretory system but also increases oxygen in the body, resulting in feeling more active. It is recommended to slowly sip water. Don’t drink a lot of water at once and drink water at room temperature.

4. Drinking dark chocolate or cocoa

Flavonoids in dark chocolate or cocoa will enhance blood circulation to supply the brain. Besides, dark chocolate or cocoa is a better health option

than coffees that have caffeine and sugar, which even make it harder to sleep if drinking in a large amount.

5. Different types of nuts

Potassium, protein, and minerals in nuts can help with nerve and brain performance. They can be eaten as snacks as well.


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