Excessive drinking of milk can cause the baby to have a milk allergy

💬 Many mothers misunderstand that drinking lots of milk will make the baby get more calcium. In fact, Drinking one glass of milk or soy milk per day is enough. 

🥛 Excessive drinking of milk can cause the baby to have an allergy like milk allergy. If a mother needs more calcium, we recommend eating high-calcium foods like small fish, green leafy vegetables, black sesame seeds, almonds etc.

💜 One more thing a mother should not miss is taking a supplement that is suitable for pregnant women like Nuvo Calcium Jelly. It is rich in Calcium L-Threonate that helps strengthen bones and can be absorbed up to 95%, as well as DHA from Fish Oil that is beneficial to pregnant or breastfeeding women, and other 20 types of vitamins.

Try drink less milk and take more supplements. It can help the baby to be strong as well.


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