Electric cigarette causes erectile dysfunction!

Many men have already known that cigarettes can cause infertility. So, many of them turn to electric cigarette. They might think that electric cigarette has fewer drawbacks, but it doesn’t. 

Smoking electric cigarettes is not different from smoking regular cigarettes. People who smoke electric cigarettes will inhale ‘volatile nicotine’ with the heat from electricity into the body. So, it is considered addictive substance absorbed in the body.  

And did you know that one electric cigarette contains as much nicotine as 20 packs of cigarettes!! 

So, men who smoke electric cigarettes have 2.4 times more chance of erectile dysfunction than men who have never smoked an electric cigarette.

Of course, the nicotine from electric cigarettes and other substances in e-liquids will reduce the level of testosterone. The more you smoke, the more you are at risk of erectile dysfunction.

So, if you want to have kids, you should stop smoking not only regular cigarettes but also all kinds of cigarettes. And you need to exercise regularly, take  supplements to remain your sperm quality and be ready to have kids in the future. 

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