Do nutrients really matter to hair?

‘Nutritional Deficiency’ may be caused by not eating 5 food groups, eating unhygienic food, or losing weight incorrectly.

What you should do is to avoid food with MSG, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes. These things can result in hair loss. 

You should focus on eating protein, especially protein from soybean (In moderation), and drinking enough water, not less than 2 L. per day. 

It will strengthen and add more volume to your hair. It’s another option for getting enough nutrients.

Or you can choose another good option from My Dear Mom – Biotin Shampoo, a haircare product gentle to the scalp and hair. It prevents hair loss, removes dandruff, controls sebum, and strengthens hair. It makes hair has no frizz, easy to style, and has a scent of bergamot and orange. Use it with Biotin Conditioner which deeply helps nourish hair, gently tones your hair, and contains many natural extracts, making hair smooth and healthy.

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