Did you know? ‘Skinny people’ may have a risk of calcium deficiency

Our bodies require calcium supplements to strengthen bones, joints, and teeth. Furthermore, there are numerous indicators of calcium deficiency. One of these is a skinny body.

Because the body requires a large amount of calcium for development, skinny people or women are more likely to suffer from calcium deficiency than males or physically fit people. People should take calcium supplements to avoid bone loss caused by a drop in hormone levels. Some women may experience severely abdominal pain, especially during menstruation. One of the causes is Calcium deficiency. 

Therefore, taking calcium supplements is important for this group of people and it must be taken it in a proper way. Calcium absorption will be completely boosted.

We recommend Nuvo Calcium Jelly from Nuvo Life Care, which contains an active ingredient CALCIUM L-THREONATE. It is 6 times more absorbable than calcium carbonate and can be absorbed almost 100% into the body. It promotes collagen production in bones and cartilage, increases synovial fluid, causing no flatulence and constipation.

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