Blue light, a bad factor affecting skin

In this age where people need to work in front of a screen computer and phone all the time, people may ignore the negative effects of blue light from the screen. Before you realize it, your skin is already damaged.

Blue Light has a high frequency. There is actually a lot of blue light around us such as sunlight, light from a fluorescent lamp, and especially light from digital screens like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Blue light is very harmful to the eyes and skin. 

What are the effects of blue light on the skin?

When you receive blue light from the digital screen, the blue light will react to the skin, causing free radicals that can speed up skin aging. The blue light can penetrate deep into the skin layer to the dermis, which has collagen and elastin. It can cause the damage to the skin as follows:

Cause dark spots and melasma as the blue light can destroy the skin layer that has collagen and elastin and cause free radicals.

Weakens the skin’s protective barrier, causing uneven skin tone.

Block a hormone called melatonin, making you cannot sleep and indirectly impacting the skin.

How to protect your skin from the damage of blue light?

  •       Put a blue light screen protector on your smartphone, tablet, and digital devices.
  •       Adjust the brightness not to be too bright.
  •       Find other activities to replace your screen time like reading books and sports.
  •       Use effective skincare to protect your skin.
  •       Take supplements that contain antioxidants and astaxanthin as they can reduce wrinkles and dark spots, slow down aging, and protect your skin.



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