Birth control by The “7-day rule”

For anyone who is wondering what the 7-day rule is, today we have this information guaranteed to be easy to understand for you.

The 7-day rule is a natural birth control by calculating the time period after ovulation until the time before eggs develop. During this time, the female uterus is not ready for pregnancy.

The safe days are including:

  • 7 Days “before” period
  • 7 Days “after” the first day of period

A couple can have sex during these safe days without barriers or contraceptive devices in order to reduce the risk of undesirable pregnancy. For instance; if you have a period on the 8th – 11th day of the month, your “7 Days before period” will be on the 1st – 7th day and your “7 Days after the first day of period” will be on the 8th – 14th day. Therefore, your safe days for having sex will be on the 1st – 14th day.

**This method is suitable for only women who have regular periods.**

While having sex, the couple who is not ready for a baby should use condoms every time. Since condoms can reduce the risk of pregnancy as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Because sometimes the “7-day rule” may not always be effective due to a factor like ovulation.

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