Add folic acid when you prepare for pregnancy

For any couple who has started planning pregnancy, especially women, you should stock up on folic acid, averaging 400 milligrams per day for 1 – 3 months in advance.

This is because folic acid is important for embryo development from the moment of fertilization. It can reduce the risk of congenital abnormalities in the little one during pregnancy. Moreover, it also helps stimulate the production of breastmilk for mothers after giving birth.

Mothers can easily choose foods that are high in folic acid, including dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, avocados, and less refined grains, whole-grain bread, spinach, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, liver, egg yolks. Or if you feel you don’t get enough folic acid, you can consult your doctor. And don’t forget to take dietary supplements from Nuvo Life Care to enhance and make your pregnancy go smoothly.

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