4 correct ways to apply sunscreen cream

Sunscreen is the most important step to protect your skin for those who start taking care of themselves. You must also apply it correctly to be effective. Today, we’d like to share 4 simple techniques for applying sunscreen cream correctly. ?

  1. Choose a proper sunscreen product

To choose a sunscreen product, you should choose ones that protect you skin from UVA, causing wrinkle, and UVB, causing dullness. Also, choosing the right SPF for your lifestyle is also important. SPF or Sun Protection Filter is a specific chemical to protect you skin from UVB. It varies on the products. SPF15-30 is sufficient for indoor lifestyle. SPF30-50 is proper for outdoor activities.

2 fingertips or 10-baht coin


People may be curious about how much sunscreen cream they should apply to their faces because a lack of sunscreen results in inadequate skin protection. To ensure its effectiveness according to the SPF listed on the bottle, apply in the amount of 2 fingertips or a 10-baht coin. If it’s in a cream formula, please use two fingertips. Also, if it’s in a liquid formula, make sure it’s the same amount as a 10-baht coin. This method is only for the face and is not for the neck.

3. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure

After applying sunscreen cream, please wait around 15-30 minutes before leaving your place for the cream to settle not to flow with sweat or water which reduces the sunscreen cream’s effectiveness. Therefore, please make sure to apply at the right time.


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