3 Easy ways to choose calcium supplements

It is known that calcium is an essential mineral for the body. If the body does not get enough calcium, it can later cause osteoporosis.    

Of course, the body cannot make calcium on its own. So, we need calcium from food sources and supplements. There are many brands of calcium supplements on the market today and which one is good for health?

To get the best calcium supplement, let’s take a closer look at a criterion for calcium selection suitable for the body.

  1. Know your calcium requirement
  • People of each age need a different amount of calcium. Before choosing calcium supplements, you need to know the amount of calcium needed for your age. It’ll make it easy to choose the right supplement. (See calcium requirement here: https://bit.ly/3DirGIT)
  1. Choose one with better absorption
  • Each type of calcium has different absorption. Some calcium needs to be taken with food and some types need to combine with vitamin D. So, you should take calcium with highly effective absorption. Nowadays, there is calcium L-threonate that can be absorbed up to 95%. 
  1. Safety and Standardization
  • Before choosing a calcium supplement, you must always check on the label. The brand must get FDA approval to prevent ingredients that are toxic or harmful to the body. 

Do not forget these 3 criteria before choosing a supplement. If you don’t have one in your mind, we’d like to recommend you Nuvo Calcium Jelly, a calcium supplement for health and full of vitamins and benefits. 

It’s suitable for children, teenagers, adults, elders, and pregnant and breastfeeding women as it is rich in Calcium L-Threonate with 95% absorption, DHA from fish oil helping with brain development, and other 20 vitamins with health benefits.

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